African Adventures

                                    “Clothe him with power from on high “ Luke 24:49



You prayed the Lord would “clothe us with power on high” as we served on mission trips this summer – He answered. During the hot days at Boot Camp, out in the bush of Zambia, on the cliffs of Madagascar with our goat Shaniqua….we felt His presence, enjoyed His spiritual protection, and were flooded with opportunities to see the lost come to know our Lord and Savior.

Phoebe’s summer = speed. Her team rode motorcycles across Madagascar as a means to share the Gospel through soccer, puppets, and English lessons. Heading out from base camp in Mahajanga, the team spent time in the village of Ampozony encouraging the one Christian in that village whose life has been threatened for loving Jesus. Phoebe’s TMI team buoyed her efforts and assured her she is not alone in the struggle against powers of darkness.




Chloe’s summer = Romans 8:28. Chloe and her team lived in tents, drove out to the African Bush, and cleared 100 plus trees in order to build a soccer field in N’dola, Zambia. On weekends, they ministered to AIDS orphans via the Wan’gibisha Rescue Unit. Chloe also served as her team’s “Top Chef” cooking lunch for her entire team. One Sunday as the team shared testimonies at a local church, the teams’ backpacks were stolen off the bus. After praying for the return of the backpacks for days, the two robbers finally turned themselves in. They’d found a Bible in the local language in one of the stolen backpacks, read the Word, confessed their sin, returned the backpacks and came to Christ.


Seb’s summer = gross. During his private devotional time each morning Seb read the “Grossology” section of his Bible - about how a dog returns to its vomit and a big knife got stuck in a man’s belly. The “Nehemiah’s Tresses” team built 14 tresses, ran a daily Obstacle Course including a Slough of Despond, and memorized the Roman Road. The above picture is not at Boot Camp – it’s in our kitchen. Because Seb took his own photos and they were all of turtles, frogs, and geckos : )

Thank you for praying for us. We didn’t go on Teen Missions to lay out soccer fields, teach English, or build tresses. We went to Teen Missions to share salvation by the blood of Jesus Christ, and we were able to use our gifts and skills as tentmakers.  As we return to school now - the day to day of homework, activities, and house chores, we pray all of us would be “clothed with power on high” for the mission.