What do foam sticks, M&Ms and Max Lucado have in common?

When Juanita Peterson brings her friends Terry Elkins and Wendy Hines and their children and grandchildren, this group mixed these three unrelated ingredients together for an afternoon of fun for the families at the Salvation Army shelter.  

volunteer group.jpg

*Foam sticks? The craft to make a frame for a portrait [Juanita hauled her printer to print the kids photos]

*M&M’s?  Isn’t chocolate the ingredient to any successful kid event?

*Max Lucado? The book “You Are Special” helping the kids understands their ‘specialness’ before God no matter their circumstances.

Amazing how we can so easily take for granted something as simple as a photo of our children.  As the photos were being snapped, one mom asked for extra photos of her daughter, as all of her children’s photos had been lost in the midst of their homelessness.

Kudos to Terry’s granddaughter, Emma, Wendy’s daughter, Abby and Juanita’s granddaughter, Roxy Peterson who all assisted with the crafting while adding an atmosphere of friendliness and approachability. For a kid friendly event….kids are necessary! 

Roxy was the ‘official photographer' and sweetly became the resident paparazzi of the afternoon. While Abby read the story Lucado’s “You Are Special”, Emma slowly passed around the same book allowing the listeners to visually add to their own imaginations.

room shot.jpg

The take away from the story came very spontaneously from Emma " God sees you covered with stars.” God sees us all and loves us just the way we are.

Stars are exactly why this volunteer group from Scottsdale Church is serving in God's kingdom.