From These Stones - Cape Town 2014 Project


From These Stones

“God is able from these stones to raise up children to Abraham.” Luke 3:8

We see stones. Dead ends. Impossibilities.

God sees children for Abraham. A future. Hope.

Thank you for your prayers. You know that serving Christ means big targets on our backs – we’ve felt you lift us up through jet lag, long days singing “Jesus is Mine” at Vacation Bible School, and conducting job readiness workshop preparation for the immigrants we’re teaching in Cape Town.

Our host, Ryan TerMorshuizen, pastor of Common Ground Church (a Redeemer City to City partner) explained the “Tale of 2 Cities” here in Cape Town - the disparity between rich and poor, the physical barriers separating the races even post-apartheid. As Ryan shared with us, we were convicted about the on-going de facto racism in our own hometown of NYC, the segregation that only the Gospel can heal. Fortunately, we get to learn from Ryan throughout the year when he stays with us in New York - bringing his converse-wearing Cape Town cool to us Downtown nerds.


Here’s what we’re up to (aside from eating ostrich):

Zanokhanyo (“Bring Light “in the local Kosa language): we presented workshops on goal setting and project management to South Africans, 33% of whom are unemployed, some whose work experience is “drug dealer.” As we taught future factory workers and maids, we were reminded that all our resume’s say failed and lost until Christ says “mine.”

NETWork: while teaching interviewing skills to immigrants from Zimbabwe and presenting the story of Ruth as one of faith in the unseen, we did not preach the American dream of a job, a house, a relationship to these hopeful émigrés. We preached Christ. The only true dream. 

VBS: as 80 kids in Khayelitsha township in Cape Town sang “This Little Light of Mine” and kicked around an indestructible soccer ball, we concluded that what we came to leave isn’t stuff. But the incorruptible, indestructible hope of Jesus Christ.

After 15 hours on a plane, we’ve bonded as a team – watched Julie dance before the Lord, let Mom Larson comfort us with home baked oat bars and popcorn, heard Precilla teach kids in Cape Town about joy in Jesus, seen Esther gently pick up the kiddos in Khayelitsha township, learned from Hannah’s wisdom, watched Lynae play duck, duck, goose, seen Wally (aka Lord Larson) survive the company of 10 Redeemer women (oh, let’s be honest, he’s loving it), heard dad snore during team devos, we cried as Christine shared her testimony, and learned from Leslie’s social media tips to the marketing team at Common Ground Church.

Thanks for all you’ve sacrificed to bring us here.  

While we’re learning and serving in South Africa, we’re also praying for you. For God’s hope to overflow as you see stones in your life. Dead ends. Impossibilities. Like Abraham, may you believe against hope that God will do what He has promised. And may you be “an alleluia from head to foot[1]” as you face today.

Marcia Larson, Cape Town team member

[1] Augustine’s definition of a believer